Technical Note 20.8.2020. Most of these net artworks can no longer be experienced online unless you are using an old computer running windows 95 or windows 7 with shockwave installed. These were all made using shockwave so that they could be placed online however ADOBE has now made the technology obsolete and updates to internet security mean that newer computers cannot experience these artworks as they were intended. I am leaving the artworks here as an archive. They can be requested for exhibition in which case I can send the files and set up instructions.

About Genomixer.

A series of online artworks inspired by the human genome sequence and developed from a DNA profile which was sequenced from the artists blood. The online artworks are investigations into genetic codes mapped and re assembled online. To make these works my DNA data sequence was needed and it was sampled to make metaphases, g-banding and also full profiles of chromosomes. Samples of my dna currently resides in my freezer ready for cloning. Works are enabled by dna code extracted from my blood.

Steve Tanza ,stanza dna portrait

Stanza DNA

Steve Tanza Stanza DNA sequence
Stanza self portrait chromosome 2003. Image shows my DNA in preparation 2003


The original concept and intention as well as being developed as an artwork was to make a 'business'. In short a database placed online would require users to submit a copy of their DNA. Once the first 100,000 subscriptions had been made then an IPO, an initial public offering would be made. The company formed on the stock market would exploit any patents, intellectual property and any derivable income would be shared among the subscribed user group. The shareholders in this company would be the subscribers who have placed their DNA source code.  This project was to counter the exploitation of DNA by large corporations who do now exploit the right to this source code, a code that should be equally beneficial to all. This database is still in progress and further funds and financial backers are needed. Once this system is online users will br able to cross reference and mutate variants of each others dna data and all exploitation of our public domain dna data would be shared equally for the benefit of all. This concept is copyright / and left. Stanza.

The DNA is an operating system consists of 3.3 billion bases that is the letters ACTG. My thinking is if you remove parts of the operating system then you stop working. Indeed part of any OS consists of objects, functions or blocks of code that do specific jobs but also relate tasks to the whole. This idea is expanded when we consider that some of the code can actually change, evolve or shifts over time. An interesting term that relates to a huge chunk of the code  sequence;  in fact  more than 95 percent of all DNA, was called "Junk DNA" by molecular biologists, because they were unable to ascribe any function to it.  However the issue here is that the function of the code is not yet properly understood. What does the function do within the operating system? 

genomixer ....a database of dna code.

It seems likely with the advent of self DNA tests the emergence of this type of DNA test will be prolific. This data can be recorded into the genomixer database and saved. That is, each independent user will have there own personal online audio visual experience based on there unique genetic code and because they have the option to save it this means they can also see and listen to other users results. In other words this is a giant open source audio visual labyrinth and database. The system uses a generative audio system that can play interactive non linear audio over the net. The sounds are mapped to the genetic codes. Genomixer is a complete audio visual online generative system. Code representing code generated by code made from blood.

These artworks involve many facets of new digital creativity. The genomixer series

--uses movement, sound, text and image
--crosses borders between artistic and technological sectors
--involves co-authored or inter authored creation processes from other specialists
--can be used in a number of forms / formats - and web, gallery and CD-Rom
--pieces for the web can be based in telematics (can be adapted for this)
--allows the engagement of the public/audience as a creative user
--data artistic visualisations of DNA .

The objective is to provide a seductive, multi sensory non-linear and interactive experience for the audience to immerse into. The "user" controls these evolving pieces through movement. The character of the resulting piece is altered and manipulated by the user. These works can be installed into 'real' environments, where the movement of people in the room or gallery triggers the interactivity within the work.

Background to this project

I became interested in the human genome project in Spain 2000. This was a six week invitation, with a group of international artists. The brief was to explore the relationship between art and science, and to this end we were introduced to a variety of research projects based in San Sebastian in Spain. I was introduced to various aspects of genetic research by Lori Andrews. Since 2000 I have developed an number of online specific artworks specifically geno and genomixer. The first version went of genomixer went online i

Steve Tanza


Steve Tanza

Steve Tanza , stanza

Projection on 50 ft screen of DNA. In Amsterdam. Used on three screen projection in USA


Steve Tanza, Stanza, DNA art project

Steve Tanza , Stanza
DNA sequencer in action to get the code. DNA clock counting though DNA sequence which will take over 111 years.

Steve Tanza

Steve Tanza  portrait
DNA sequencer in action with Steve Tanza aka Stanza Self Portait 2003 .
Steve Tanza, ART



All artwork by Steve Tanza AKA Stanza

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