genomixer artwork genomixer artwork
genomixer artwork


version 097

The Genomixer series is one of the artworks I made using my DNA which was tested and profiled to make this series of artwork. The Genomixer artworks allow you to cross reference the patterns on the genome sequence and intermix or breed your own variable, allowing you to look at the new mix of chromosomes in real time. The sequences of my dna code are used for the images and sounds as well as generative code algorithms.

They can be exhibited on touch screens with printers connected. The installation creates an immersive space of code and if you press the {P} on the screen it generates a printout genomix and the images go on the gallery wall.

These audio visual online works are non linear DNA portraits. Note Version 092 was made in 2000 and was a prototype without my real data. Version 097 and 0102 use my data from the sequenced DNA sample.The sound sequence is playing along my DNA sequence using the letters ATCGA etc. The letters are converted to a sounds string and generated in the artworks.

All code and dna source material thanks to the higher powers (maybe) and all testing MRC Clinical Sciences Centre Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College.

Thanks to everyone I have been asking for advice on this technical and scientific including Amanda Fisher, Kate Michaelides, Ruth Williams. Particular thanks to Ghislaine Boddington, Andrew Ward, Debbie Lander and the hard working team at future physical.

AVAILABILITY: Custom made software system and computer files. Also available on touch screen.


Test Portal Gallery Amsterdam Holland 2009
Novosibirsk Exhibition. State Museum, Siberia.2007
Dana Centre. London 2006.Code by Zero01 Canada.2005
Jerwood Space, Cut and Splice. London. 2005
Scope Art Fair UK 2004
Samsung Media Centre Korea 2004
Futuresonic 04 UK 2004
Soundtoys at ICA London
Jerwood Space, Cut and Splice. London. 2005
EvoMUSART 4th Hungary 2005
Haifa Museum, Israel 2004


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You need shockwave installed. They all work online within a browser otherwise watch the videos below.



Stanza Dna artwork on touchscreen Stanza data art  with dna, performance
Stanza dna artwork 2003 Stanza DNA
Stanza dna artwork 2003

Images from the lab of me making my DNA and sequencing it and performing with my touch screens