The Junker Series: Hidden Values Inside The Goldmine: Stanza 2003

In 2003 the artist Stanza sequenced his DNA to make a series of data artworks. The Junker series is one of the artworks made from this data . These audio visual online works are non linear and have a special phonetic random music system built into some pieces. No 1 - 5 below searches for junk inside each of my chromosomes. They can be exhibited on plasma screens as an installation that immerses the space with junk dna.

This series of online artworks are inspired by the human genome sequence and developed from DNA profiles which are sequenced from the artists blood. The online artworks are investigations into genetic codes mapped and re assembled online. To make these works my dna was sampled to make metaphases, g-banding and full profiles of chromosomes. Samples of my DNA currently reside in my freezer ready for cloning and where avilable for sale on EBAY. It seems likely the emergence of this type of DNA testing will be prolific and in the future we can all have acess to out DNA code. It might one day be part of our ID and passport initialisation process..

DNA is an operating system consists of 3.3 billion bases that is the letters ACTG. There are also the chromosomes and either the X or Y depending on if you are male or female. My thinking is if you remove parts of the operating system then you stop working. Indeed part of any OS consists of objects, functions or blocks of code that do specific jobs but also relate tasks to the whole. This idea is expanded when we consider that some of the code can actually change, evolve or shifts over time. An interesting term that relates to a huge chunk of the code  sequence;  in fact  more than 95 percent of all DNA, was called "Junk DNA" by molecular biologists, because they were unable to ascribe any function to it.  However the issue here is that the function of the code is not yet properly understood. What does the function do within the operating system? 

All code and dna source material with thanks to the higher powers (maybe) and all blood testing and sequence testing was done by MRC Clinical Sciences Centre Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College. Thanks to everyone I have been asking for advice on this technical and scientific including Amanda Fisher, Kate Michaelides, Ruth Williams.

See videos or online version below

Exhibition. For galleries they need to be projected or installed on hi def monitors. This series for exhbition only is available at a resolution of (1920 by 1080). This custom software version exists for exhbitioon purposes only.

A series of net art versions are below.

Availability. Each artwork is available as unique artwork. Custom made software system and computer files.

Keywords. Generative, net art, DNA, networked, artwork, installation.

Online versions below Technical. You need shockwave installed. Make sure you let each work download. They all work online within a browser.

DNA Junker 1 Online
Stanza DNA net art
DNA Junker 2 Online
Stanza DNA net art
DNA Junker 3 Online
Stanza DNA net art
DNA Junker 4 Online
Stanza DNA net art
DNA Junker 5 Online

Stanza DNA net art


Other in the series:-

Junker Corrupted Soul Triptych 1

Junker Dna Vocal Genesis Triptych 2

Junker Empty Intelligence Triptych 3

stanza dna artwork

Inproper Negligence. 100- 120 cm artwork.

Stanza DNA getting sequenced in 2003 and image on right is Stanza DNA on the end of a stick

Stanza DNA getting sequenced in 2003 and image on right is Stanza DNA on the end of a stick


Stanza DNA getting sequenced in 2003 and image on right is Stanza DNA on the end of a stick